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The two biggest factors keeping you from finding that perfect star gazing location are light pollution and weather. Using local weather forecasts and light pollution data, Lustar gives you a searchable map of the world with hourly stargazing forecasts for every location.

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Find a location

Lustar overlays a light pollution map on top of Google Maps so that you can find the best place to see the stars in your area.

Lustar app Stargazing Light pollution

Find a time

A prime star gazing location is nothing without the right weather conditions. Pull up a detailed view of weather conditions to find the best star gazing opportunity for any location.

Stargazing forecast

Pick a place

Not sure where to go for your first time, or perhaps you just want to find a location that's been vetted by other star gazers? Lustar incorporates known locations to see the night sky brought to you by Clear Dark Sky.

Stargazing forecast


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